Tournament Payment & Donations


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– Add $5 or more to your entry/donation to help raise money, and help women and children escape Human Trafficking and Poverty through education.

Learn by reading below how we use your donations.

– To pay/donate through our Donor Box online system click here, or scan QR code below.

NEW!!! Pay/Donate via VENMO @USAPKLBL, or scan QR code below.

– Pay/Donate Zelle @ (951) 491-9203


– Help us raise money for our Holidays & Back-To-School Backpack programs.

We fill backpacks throughout the year with school supplies, hygiene kits, clothing, pickleball paddles and other fun stuff. We deliver them to orphanages and low-income communities. We teach kids how to play pickleball, hoping to spark a love for the game and education.

We are not a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are private party that is using Pickleball as a way to Give-Back and help children escape poverty & Human Trafficking through education. If you would like to learn more visit The Líberi Project.

We love old backpacks and paddles. If you have some to donate bring them to the event.

Thank you for playing, and for your generous donation

As a thank you to players that make a donation, they will receive top priority to participate in the event above all other entries.

If you do not receive a text or e-mail to RSVP a week before the event, it means your entry was not selected.

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*We reserve the right to combine divisions as needed, as well as to limit the number of participants in each event/division.