The Dink-Back Pickleball Foundation Project

We pickle for fun and charity.

Another great trip to Mexico. Kaleb, Logan and the Russell family took computer laptops and pickleball paddles sponsor by Santa Rosa academy, a K-12 school in Menifee, CA, Acacia Pickleball, Gearbox, Bryan Fye, Terry Solomon, Howard Morrison, Carla Phillips, Ashley Burkle, William Arrant, Athena Persen, Michele Glaszczak and Terri Brzusek.

Thanks to player donations and community donors, we had the opportunity to visit an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico on Saturday, October 9, 2023. We were able to take two weeks worth of groceries, some fun treats, and 48 backpacks for 35 orphaned and abandoned children. It’s always glorious to see the excitement in children’s faces when they something new.

We spent the day playing with the kids, ate lunch and taught them how to play pickleball. It was fun to see how quickly they got the concept of dinking. Once again, pickleball proved to be a great way to make new friends, and enjoyed a beautiful day. Who knows maybe we found the future Ben John’s or Anna Leigh Waters.

2023 Christmas Project

We already working on our next project for December 2023. 16 Year old Caleb Russsell from Menifee, California has been working with the Santa Rosa Academy to donate 50 laptops as part of Caleb’s Junior Community Service Project.

In addition to the laptops we would like to include in each backpack the following age appropriate items. This could be a great family project to teach our children the art of giving a hand up to those in need. To show them that by empowering others we can help them free themselves from the grip of poverty through education.

  • Backpack
  • Pickleball Paddle
  • School supplies
  • Hygiene kits
  • T-shirts, Socks & underwear
  • Fun toys & treats

If you, or your family would like to help follow the link to purchase items at Amazon have them dropped ship to our facility.

USACP works with local charities to help raise monies for their cause. Our generous players look forward to having fun in playing in our league, tournaments and events, but more importantly they play to give back to local charities in their communities.


Ukraine Fundraising


The Liberi Project – Helping women and children escape human trafficking and poverty through empowerment and education.


Michelle’s Place – A cancer resource center for women.

We are a grassroots movement that is trying to mobilize pickleball players to help women and children living in poverty.

We rely on the kindness of strangers and Pickleball players to help us give hope to those who have escaped human trafficking and empower them through education.