The MY pklbl – Pickleball Championships. Saturday July 27, 2024. Pairings & Playing Times

Check this page for weather and tournament updates.

We reserve the right to combine divisions, change times, and move players as needed. Final listings will be posted at tournament check-in.

Times & Pairings for the Double Trouble will be a week before the event.

Saturday, July 27, 2024
The Pickleball Championships Times & Pairings

9:00 AM

4.5/4.0 Men’s Doubles
Marcus Vogel/Steven Vasquez
Kory Tran/Koby Tran
Ki Joon Keum/Kenny Leung
Jared Caperton/Cesar Rivera
David Bokma/Kevin Adair
Shawn Walker/Andy Walker
Randy Walker/Jason Walker
Andrew Espinoza/Tyler Todd

4.0 Women’s Doubles
Melissa Camilli/Jill Delavega
Jen Iles/Carrie Downs
Tiffany Richter/Nicole Gann
Jan is Wallet/Caroline Murphy

3.5 Men’s Doubles
Justin Gandomani/Parviz Gandomani
Jason Camilli/Colin Bell
Ronald Esteban/Alan Chang
Eric Ligare/Cooper Walker

3.5 Women’s Doubles
Jamie Hay/Shelley Reeves
Kat Kluis/Moe Powys
Shawn Homan/Danielle Martinez
Heather Reiner/Kathy DeFea

3.0 Men’s Doubles
Anthony Riniti/Dana Stevenson
Michael (Mikey) Baum/Mark Schimel
Eric Walz/John Huber

12 PM

4.0 Mixed Doubles
Marcus Vogel/Mari Strain
Shawn Walker/ Danielle/Martinez
Ken Leung/Melissa Tividad
Jason/Camilli/Melissa Camilli
Jordan Caperton/Natasha Minkhoff

3.5 Mixed Doubles
Mark Wilson/Katie DeFea
Colin Bell/Molly Kent
Carolyn Murphy/Ryan Brewer
Aron Fkeck/Kerry Fleck
Miguel Mejares/Courtney Mejares
Andy Walker/Shawn Homan
Howard Morrison/Tiffany Richter
Jason Walker/Diana Bond

3.0 Mixed Doubles
Anthony Riniti/Margaret Marilla
John Moss/Leslie McMurray
Shawn Townsend/Jackie Townsend
Jarne Gardner/Steve Polin
Cooper Walker/Kathleen Vortriede