Saturday, June 22 – Double Trouble – Team Pickleball Tournament.

TWO Men – TWO Women Teams will play 2 games of doubles, 2 games of mixed doubles to 11, win by 1. Two games of doubles to 21 using rally scoring. ALL players will play last 2 games using MLP rally scoring format.

Join The Fun! – Wear team uniforms

Status: Open for registration
Entry Fee: $40/player
Players: Signup early. It fills as up fast.
Ages: 19+ – 35+ – 45+ – 55+ – 65+ – 75+ Skills: 4.5+ – 4.0+ – 3.5+ – 3.0+
Brackets: Mixed teams
Format: 6 Game Round-Robin with playoffs
Trophy: Trophy presentation to champions
Prizes: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place medals
Regular Scoring: First four games of doubles and mixed doubles to 11, win by 1. Last 2 games of team using rally scoring to 21 win by 1.
Gold Medal Finals: Last two games of rally scoring to 21 win by 2, freeze at 20.
Sessions: 9 AM – 11:30 AM – 2 PM
Check-In: 30 minutes before starting time
Fixed Teams: Bring your own team
No Partner/Team: No Problem. Mixed doubles teams will pair you up with another mixed team to complete your team.
Venue: Fallbrook Tennis & Pickleball Club
Courts: 12 permanent courts
Teams: 6 teams per division
Refreshments: Fruit, Gatorade, candy and snacks provided.
Water: Will be provided, plus cooling station.
Refunds: $35 Saturday before event. Reschedule, or no refund due to rain, or weather conditions.
Food: Food available for purchase
Next Event: The Freedom Fireworks Pickelball Fest.

4.5 Teams – 4 spots

4.0 Teams – 4 spots

3.5 Teams – 7 spots

3.0 Teams – 7 spots

FYI…. Sign up as a mixed doubles team, and we will pair you up with another team to complete the 2 Men/2 Women team.

Last updated: 5/28

*We reserve the right to adjust starting times, the number of teams, and combine brackets in each division as needed.

KNOW YOUR SKILL LEVEL! If you are unsure check out
T-shirts are men's sizes.
Provide names of partner(s) and team name. If registering an entire team, provide ALL players names.
Choose best option above if you need help putting a team together. 3.0/3.5/4.0 entry/donation is $35 per player/per event. 4.5+ is $50 per player/per event.
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