DUPR Flex Leagues

DUPR Flex League Rules and Regulations

General Information

1. Commitment: If you sign up for a DUPR Flex League, we ask that you commit to playing all your matches. Following through on your commitment to your local Pickleball Flex League will create a fun and rewarding experience for you and your fellow players.

2. Cost: The DUPR Doubles Flex league cost is up to the city manager’s discretion.

3. Scoring format: All matches must be best 3 out of 5 games with each game played to 11 points, win by 2 points.

4. Player Divisions/Matchups: Each player will be placed into a 4-10 team round-robin player group and assigned 4 matches over the course of the 5-week league session. Makeup matches can be played during week 5.

Note: Divisions will be based on DUPR rating and approximate location.

IMPORTANT: If you are an unrated player, please read the “Determining your DUPR Rating” information at the bottom of this page.

6. Guaranteed Matches: All players will be given 4 matches in 5 weeks (one per week) unless a player withdraws from the league, is unresponsive, or there is a limited number of players registered at your level (DUPR rating).

7. Reporting Match Score: When your match is complete, the winning player must post the score on the tournament page, then the opponents will validate the score.

8. Confirming Match Scores: Players have 7 days to confirm or edit the score once posted. If no action is taken within this timeframe, the match will be automatically confirmed at the end of 7 days. In the case where both players are unable to come to an agreement regarding score, please fill out this match protest form. The match outcome will then be decided by DUPR’s team and/or the local Flex League Manager.

Please note: All flex league match results must be entered and confirmed within one week after the league end date in order to be included in the Session Standings.

9. Withdrawal from a League: Players must provide valid reasoning for withdrawal. If a player withdraws from two DUPR Flex Leagues, they may be banned from playing in any DUPR Flex Leagues for one year. No refunds will be given unless we cannot find a league that fits your level.

10. Finding your Match Schedule: League schedules can be found within the Flex League Event page. Click your bracket, then Round 1 = Week 1, Round 2 = Week 2, etc.

11. Standings: League standings can be found by selecting the “Standings” tab where your matchups are shown on the event page and these standings will be posted once the league has been completed.

12. Match Protests: You can formally submit a match protest here. This should be a last resort between you and your opponent. Three match protests against a player may result in a ban from participation in future DUPR Flex Leagues.

13. Prizes: All Division winners will receive prizes for their DUPR Flex League. To receive a prize you must complete at least three matches. If one player is undefeated, and another has one loss but has completed more matches, the prize will go to the player who completed more matches. Prize notifications are sent out approximately two weeks after the league end date. Any match results not submitted within one week after the league end date may not count toward the final league Standings.

Scheduling Rules

1. Scheduling Match Times and Locations: Players are responsible for scheduling their own match times with their opponent at a mutually agreed-upon court location. To allow players the most flexibility when scheduling their matches, we do not specify home vs. away courts.

Pro Tip: To equalize travel times between players, try to meet in a neutral location with your opponent.

Balls: Both players should bring balls just in case.

2. Contact information: Contact information can be sent out in the “Welcome to the league email”

IMPORTANT: You must have accurate phone, email, and home club information on your profile before the league begins.

3. When to Contact your Opponent: We recommend being proactive and contacting all 4 of your match opponents as soon as the matchups are released. Be courteous when contacting your fellow players. Call/text your opponent before 9pm and after 9am. Email is okay any time.

4. Canceling Matches: If you need to cancel a match, please try to reschedule for a different week or during the 5th week which is given as a makeup match week. If a match cannot be played during a different week or the makeup week, please send your opponent an email with your Flex League Manager’s email copied. You will receive a walkover for this match or be given a new opponent.

5. Playing Multiple Matches in a Week: Remember, matches can be played during any week of your Flex League session. You can even play all four matches in the first week if you’d like!

6. Unresponsive opponents: DUPR is not responsible for unresponsive opponents. That being said, we have some helpful guidelines for steps to take should an opponent be unresponsive to match scheduling attempts!

When initially reaching out to your opponent, reach out via both the preferred phone and email contacts listed on the Welcome email. Sometimes, players are more responsive via one contact method over the other. Allow your opponent 72 hours to reply.

If there is no reply after 72 hours, contact your opponent once more via both contact methods. Allow them another 72 hours to reply.

If there is no reply at that point, you may contact your Flex League Manager at the email listed for them on your league session event page. Your Flex League Manager will then reach out to your opponent on your behalf with you copied on the message.

If there is still no reply from your opponent 48 hours after the Flex League Manager reaches out, you may mark the match as an 11-0, 11-0 on the match card.

Keep in mind, if you would like additional matches in the meantime, you can absolutely utilize the Challenge Match option to connect with other players in the league session!

Match Day Rules

1. Home Court: If you and your opponent choose to play at your home court, know your court. Factors such as when the lights shut off, until when you have the court reserved, and cracks in the court should be communicated to your opponent ahead of time. If a match is interrupted for any reason, please try to agree on another day and time to complete the match during the 5-week session. If this is not possible, the match score may be posted as an incomplete score.

Note: If your home court has court fees, you are required to notify your opponent in advance. If they do not want to pay court fees, you will have to cover their cost or find a new facility. DUPR is not responsible for and will not reimburse any court fees.

2. Rain: Do not assume the match is canceled. If you do not show up and the courts are okay to play, you will receive a walkover.

3. Line Calls: There are no officials on site and players must call their own lines and scores. We expect the highest level of honesty and integrity. Flex League Managers reserve the right to disqualify you from the league if they receive two or more complaints.

4. Warm-up: A 10-minute warm-up is our recommendation. Please do not go over 10 minutes for your warm-up.

5. Set Breaks: There should be up to a 2-minute break between sets. Remember, there are no umpires, so we ask that you be courteous and do not go over the recommended times above.

6. Parents/spectators: Under no circumstances should parents/guardians be on the court or coaching players in any way. If both players agree, spectators may be allowed on the court benches but may have no interaction with the players.

7. Unsportsmanlike Behavior: We ask that you DO NOT play this league if you cannot act mature and respectful. If someone is not upholding these values, please report it to the Flex League Manager. After three reports, a player may be banned from the league and any future DUPR Flex Leagues.

8. Coaching: No coaching is allowed during DUPR Flex Leagues at any time during a match.

9. Hindrance: If there is a hindrance caused by a player (hat falls off, ball falls out of pocket, etc) there will be one replay of the point. After the second offense, the point goes to the opposing player. If there is any sort of hindrance from outside the court (ball from another court rolls in), please redo that point.

10. Filming: Filming of matches is allowed only if you have obtained written permission from your opponent in advance.

11. Canceling Matches: If you are canceling a match more than 24 hours in advance and cannot play it later in the session, you may simply leave the match score blank.

12. Late: Players have 15 minutes from the agreed-upon match time to show up. After 15 minutes, the player has the right to leave and submit the match as a walkover. 

13. No show: If a player does not show up this will go on their record as a walkover.

14. Injuries: We know injuries are a part of pickleball. If you drop out of a match once, you may still play the league. If it happens twice, you may be defaulted from the league.

15. Leaving the court/bathroom breaks: You may only leave the court during a Flex League match to use the bathroom or get treatment for an injury, such as a bandaid. We ask that you try to save your bathroom breaks for set breaks unless an emergency. You may not leave the court during a Flex League match for any other circumstances. If you do, your opponent has the right to submit the match as a default.

16. Injury breaks: Players may take an injury timeout, up to 5 minutes for an injury. If another extended timeout is needed for the same injury, we ask that you default the match. At the same time, players can choose to give their opponents as long as needed for injuries if they would like to continue the match.

17. Incomplete Matches: If for any reason you cannot finish your match, you have until the end of the season to complete it. At the end of the season, all incomplete matches will be input with the score when the match was stopped. You and your opponent may agree to not post the match at all.

18. Match Format if Facing Time Constraints: You may play best 2/3 sets to 11 only if you are constrained on time.

19. Timeouts: You will receive 1 timeout per game.

Playoff Rules and Regulations

1. Playoffs are determined by your first four matches played in the Flex League. This does not include Challenge Matches unless approved by your Flex League Manager.

2. At the end of the league event, the winner of each Division will qualify for the end-of-season playoffs.

3. Your playoff bracket will consist of either one opponent or two, based on DUPR Rating availability.

4. Your opponent will be the qualifying player(s) closest to you in DUPR Rating.

5. You must complete at least three league event matches to qualify for the season playoffs.

6. Flex League Managers may promote players to the playoffs on a need basis.

7. You will have three weeks from the date the season playoff matches are scheduled to complete the match(es).

8. If you need an extension on your playoff match, it must be approved by your Flex League Manager.

9. For groups of 9+ players, we may choose two players to advance to the playoffs based on results.

10. The same rules and regulations that apply to regular league event matches, apply to season playoffs matches.

12. DUPR Flex League Managers have the final say on all playoff decisions.

Challenge Match Rules and Regulations

1. You may only challenge once you have completed all 4 matches or have exhausted all outlets to get in touch with your four opponents.

2. Challenge matches must be submitted to the Flex League Manager.

3. Your Flex League Manager has the right to deny a challenge match if you have not completed at least two of your regularly scheduled matches or do not have proof of unresponsive opponents.

4. Challenge matches do not count toward your division standings or season playoff eligibility.

5. Challenge matches must be played during the league dates listed on the event title.

Determining your DUPR Rating for Flex Leagues

Players with an NTRP rating typically range across 3 or more DUPR rating levels. To make Flex League matches level-based, fair, and fun, players in the same division should not exceed 2 DUPR levels. If currently unrated on DUPR, check to see if you were previously rated and/or use the following chart and the NTRP to DUPR conversion table to identify your most appropriate DUPR rating. This information will need to be included when registering.

“Determining your DUPR Rating:


DUPR is free and anyone can have a rating. One match result is all it takes to have a DUPR rating, and 5-10 match results is all it takes to have an even more accurate rating. If you’ve ever played in a Pickleball tournament you most likely already have a DUPR rating and can claim your account at mydupr.com/players or by downloading the iOS or Android app.

In addition to being more accurate, DUPR is the only global rating system in Pickleball that encompasses all of a player’s results and rates all players on the same universal scale regardless of age or gender.

All of your results, regardless of event type, location, or software provider, go into your DUPR. Yes, even the recreational matches played at your local park. If you don’t see your results or would like your club/association to add your results, please email support@mydupr.com.