Pretty in Pink – Men in Black – Saturday, February 24, 2024 – MLP Style Championships

Get ready to represent your team/city in this player favorite fun fueled event.

Status: FULL!
Date: February 24
Entry Fee: $40/payer
Divisions: 3.0 – 3.5 – 4.0 – 4.5
4-Player Teams: 4 Men, or 4 Women
Format: Round-Robin – Play 5 team games MLP style using rally scoring to 21 points. Top four teams qualify for medal rounds.
Scoring: First team to 21 points wins game
Sessions: 9 AM & 12 Noon
Venue: Fallbrook Tennis & Pickleball Club
Courts: 16 courts
Refreshments: Fruit, water, Gatorade, candy and snacks provided, plus a cooling station
Food: Food available for purchase
Next Event: March Pickleball Madness

4.5 Men’s – 0 spots
4.5 Women’s – 0 spots

4.0 Men’s – 0 spots
4.0 Women’s – 0 spots

3.5 Men’s – 0 spots
3.5 Women’s – 0 spots

3.0 Men’s – 0 spots
3.0 Women’s – 0 spots

Last updated: 2/25

*We reserve the right to adjust the number of teams, playing times and combine brackets in each division as needed.

Entry Fee: $40 per player
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I understand that USA City Pickleball (USACP) has the right to adjust starting times, the number of teams, and combine brackets in each division as needed. I also understand and agree that in case tournament is rained out, or for another Force Majure reason is unable to continue that no refunds will be issued after registration deadline. I agree and grant USA City Pickleball (USACP) the irrevocable right, with or without my knowledge, to film, tape, photograph, record, exhibit, edit, alter, copy, reproduce, license, sell, rent, disclose, display, publish, distribute, broadcast, webcast, stream, prepare derivative works from or otherwise preserve, use and/or exploit in any format and/or manner now known or hereafter developed, whether commercial or non-commercial in nature (collectively, the “Use and Materials”): (1) my participation or attendance in USA City Pickleball (USACP); and (2) my name, likeness, signature, voice, conversation, sounds, biographical data and/or any other information or material secured in connection with my participation or attendance in USA City Pickleball (USACP).

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