How to acquire a Pickleball rating?

According to USA Pickleball, There are two ways to obtain an Official USA Pickleball Rating.

  • Automatic Tournament Rating: Play in sanctioned events that used the official tournament software, your rating will begin to adjust as you compete in official events.

or, apply for a Self-Rating by:

  1. Filling out a USA Pickleball questionare
  2. Complete the USA Pickleball skill assessment form
  3. Go through the assessment process by a USA Pickleball certified member.
  4. Acquire a certification letter from an experienced USA Pickleball tournament player, tournament director or ambassador.
  5. Mail to USA Pickleball for review and approval

Temecula Pickleball, along with USA City Pickleball League and other partners, are in the process of developing a Pickleball tournament software program, that will assist our league members to acquire their Pickleball rating when playing in local, regional, and nationwide league events. Stay tuned!

What’s your Pickleball skill level?